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Eurostars Madrid Tower
Madrid, Madrid
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Spa & Fitness
Eurostars Madrid Tower

Open from Monday to Sunday from 10h to 22h
Phone : + 34 91 334 27 69 / +34 91 334 27 00
Access allowed for everyone over 16.

The Eurostars Madrid Tower is pleased to offer the Spa & Health Club, a true urban, exclusive oasis which stands out for its wonderful service, luxurious premises and impressive views of Madrid, given its privileged location on the 29th floor.

We live in a large city, in a lovely building and in a comfortable home; in turn, we inhabit a body which we sometimes forget to care for and respect. “When we manage to distance ourselves from our surroundings for a moment, we can hear the murmur of our inside, which is clamouring for attention and care”.

Our Spa & Health Club is the urban response to body care, and in this vein we will help you to find your balance through therapy, massage and relaxation. We work to achieve this moment when time stands still and the mind harmonises with the body. With our massages and specialised treatments, we provide moments of relaxation and wellbeing which will allow you to savour unique sensations. We offer you a space perched above the city where you can be over it instead of in the thick of it.

Our spa’s location lets you see the city from another perspective, distancing yourself from it in space while keeping it present. All the stress-causing agents, including anxiety, worry, tiredness, pollution and noise, fall into the background. The therapist’s hands, water on your body, natural cosmetics and rebalancing drinks all lead to recovery, rest, wellbeing. In short, to harmony. We want to help you find yourself, appreciating and pampering the body that you inhabit.

Water massage is the therapy recommended by many experts to combat our society’s disease: stress.

Today doctors recommend water massage as a preventive therapy, since it also combats anxiety and insomnia since it benefits not only our body but also our mind.

The treatments we offer provide a unique experience with the most revitalising feel. In our exclusive spa, located on the 29th floor, you will enjoy a water therapy and relaxation ritual as you gaze out over the urban landscape afforded by our wonderful views.

We suggest that you follow these steps in order to fully reap the benefits of water therapy:

  1. 1-Start your water therapy with a revitalising shower.
  2. 2-Detoxify your body with our sauna or Turkish bath followed by a cold shower.
  3. 3-Relax in our water therapy pool with different points to stimulate the joints.
  4. 4-Conclude your treatment with a comforting shower.
  5. 5-Drink plenty of liquids to rehydrate your body. We offer a variety of sugarless beverages and herbal teas or, if you prefer, a glass of sparkling wine.
  6. 6-Relax in our beds before and after your treatment.

Price for hotel guests:
1 hour circuit €18 on weekdays.
1 hour circuit €28 on weekends.

Price for external clients:
1 hour circuit €35 on weekdays.
1 hour circuit €45 on weekends.

* for just €15 more, make your hydrotherapy circuit a romantic experience with chocolate dipped strawberries and a bottle of cava to share.
** Add an extra hour to your hydrotherapy circuit for 50% of the full price. (Subject to availability)
Don't miss this experience to discover all the advantages of massage for your health and wellbeing. All of our massages are done in individual rooms with views.


Tradition Swedish massage features gentle pressure, rhythmic movements and kneading tailored to the client. It works on the nervous system to promote relaxation, improves circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system. Perfect for releasing stress after a long trip.
25 min/€45 - 45min/€79


Deep-tissue massage works to alleviate tension in the body and relax muscles. It features focused kneading depending on the area of the body to treat.
25 min/€55 - 45min/€89


Massage based on Hindu "Ayurvedic" culture using warm oil for deep relaxation. Helps open up blocked energy and activate the "prana" or life force, improves circulation, and eliminates stress and fatigue. Extremely relaxing massage.
80 min/€119


Massage tailored to individual needs, combining different massage techniques and just the right pressure for you. It can be a relaxing massage (releasing stress and improving circulation), deep-tissue massage (alleviating tension and relaxing muscles) or sports massage (alleviating muscle pain and improving flexibility). Choose your own combination in the areas to treat.
45 min/€99 - 75min/€119


Enjoy a relaxing and/or deep-tissue massage in a room for two. A unique, unforgettable experience in a room with the best views in the whole spa.
50 min/€199 - 75min/€249


Two therapists work together using soft, synchronised movements all over the body for a one-of-a-kind massage. Let yourself be pampered and completely disconnect with this truly special experience.
50 min/€119 - 75min/€199


Combination of traditional therapeutic massage with the use of different temperature stones. The thermal effects of the stones at 50°C and 20°C helps reduce and alleviate pain, detoxes the skin and improves circulation.
50 min/€99 - 75min/€149


Sports massage is done to prevent injury, eliminate muscle fatigue and improve performance. This massage alleviates pain and improves muscle flexibility.
45 min/€99


Combines kneading techniques with pressure points to alleviate tension in the head and improve circulation in the scalp. As it treats nerve endings, it promotes a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.
25 min/€59


Reflexology is based on the beneficial effects of reflexes produced through massage. This technique treats and prevents many different conditions while promoting full-body relaxation and wellbeing.
25 min/€59

Please cancel at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.
Envelop yourself in a combination of exclusive treatments to help you disconnect from it all for a unique experience high above Madrid. Top-notch cosmetics to regenerate and revitalise your body, delighting your senses with pure essential oils.


There are few places in the world where you can find serenity, peace, beauty and wellness. We offer a ritual that consists in an immersion in pure essential oils combined with a body scrub and a stress-relief body wrap, followed by a relaxing massage and moisturising and regenerating facial treatment (+1 hour hydrotherapy circuit).

CITRUS HAPPINESS RITUAL - Revitalising and energising
This ritual submerges your body and mind in a kingdom of stimulating perfumes, pure sensations and exclusive textures. Includes a body scrub and wrap with the Dead Sea salt and mud combined with lemon and orange juice. Followed by a full-body massage featuring the revitalising properties of fruit and a facial treatment. Moisturises, regenerates and balances the skin, deeply invigorating and nurturing the whole body (+1 hour hydrotherapy circuit).

QUEEN OF EGYPT RITUAL - Beauty, seduction, rejuvenation and harmony
This beauty and wellness ritual submerges you in a pleasurable experience making you look younger and more attractive than ever. The body wrap with Dead Sea salt and mud regenerates the skin, followed by a full-body massage with the anti-ageing effects of incense and myrrh essential oils. Followed by a full-body massage and a facial treatment with fragrant exotic essences to nurture, moisturise and rejuvenate the skin (+1 hour hydrotherapy circuit).

PHARAOH OF THE NILE RITUAL - Beauty, seduction, strength and harmony
This ritual developed exclusively for men consists in a body wrap with Dead Sea salt and mud to purify and detox the whole body. Followed by a massage and facial treatment to moisturise and oxygenate. Sublime treatment to uncover the beauty and essence of masculinity (+1 hour hydrotherapy circuit).

Couples Rituals

Enjoy a unique experience for the senses high above Madrid, with one of our most exclusive rituals in the spa's room for two.

The couple is welcomed with a small bottle of cava to share. Treatment starts with a grape body scrub and a cava body wrap to moisturise and add antioxidants, finishing off with a full-body massage with warm oil to relieve stress and promote a deep feeling of wellness (+1 hour hydrotherapy circuit).

Enjoy a full-body scrub and warm chocolate wrap. Brightens, moisturises and promotes cell regeneration throughout the body. And to top it all off, finish with a full-body massage while you relax in the hands of our therapists (+1 hour hydrotherapy circuit).

Feel like gods with this ritual, looking out over the city and letting yourselves be pampered with a combination of hot-stone massage and an oxygenating facial treatment (+1 hour hydrotherapy circuit).

Select any of our rituals and enjoy them in our room for two with views of La Castellana and the city centre. Enjoy the ritual that best fits your needs and share with your partner:

– Oasis of serenity ritual
– Citrus happiness ritual
– Queen of Egypt ritual
– Pharaoh of the Nile ritual

Please cancel at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.


Our treatments promote full-body wellness quickly and efficiently.


Slimming and remodelling treatment featuring an anti-cellulite scrub and wrap to help break down and eliminates fat build-up. Finishing off with a massage with essential oils to combat cellulite and remodelling agents to act on problem areas to perfect your figure.


Regenerate and firm up your skin with a body scrub and wrap featuring Dead Sea salt and mud. Followed by a full-body massage with St. John's-wort, hazelnut and almond oil to moisturise and revitalise the whole body.


Specific treatment to improve circulation in the lower limbs. Features a combination of essential oils including cypress, rosemary, geranium and mint to activate the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Eases, calms and refreshes legs, alleviating heaviness and comforting legs.


Technique that uses all the health and beauty benefits of cacao. Nurtures and moisturises the skin while stimulating the senses. Antidepressant and antioxidant properties, bringing essential minerals to the body. Let yourself be pampered with a full-body scrub and warm chocolate wrap. An amazing experience for all the senses.


As the years go by, the skin stops producing collagen and elastin, which leads to expression lines. We offer innovative facial treatments for women and men, treating your skin while you relax.

Exclusive treatment specialising in the needs of women's skin. The top-notch cosmetics and combination of pure essential oils rejuvenates, regenerates and tones skin and face.

Men's skin suffers as a result of daily shaving, leading to oversensitivity and irritability. The top-notch cosmetics and pure oils used in this treatment calm and relax the skin. For specific, personalised care.

Treatment that rejuvenates the skin in order to stop free radicals and boost cell respiration. Moisturises and regenerates the skin making it brighter and giving it more vitality. Suitable for all skin types.

Please cancel at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.
Our fitness studio is an exclusive space for hotel guests and is designed for you to work out in accordance with your objectives using cutting-edge equipment.

We can provide you with a personal trainer who will assess you while you perform your exercises in order to maximise the results of your work-out.

You can book a personal trainer’s service at any time during your stay (available upon reservation only).

1 x 45-minute personal training session € 70
1 x 60-minute outdoor running session € 70

(If you wish to run with others, now you can! We offer hill training, intervals or a tour around Madrid. These sessions include both warm up and stretching exercises that are essential for a right work-out).